Supertram Network Improvements

Find out more about upcoming improvement and maintenance works

In March, South Yorkshire Supertram came back under public control after 27 years. South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority (SYMCA) is now investing around £5m this year to future proof and extend the lifespan of our tram network.

From installing new tracks to planned maintenance, from time to time, improvements to our network will affect tram services. It's essential that we maintain and replace some sections of the track to ensure the safe and smooth operation of our trams.

We appreciate it can cause disruption for some customers and we make every effort to minimise this as much as possible.

Key Improvement Works

Information about upcoming works is listed below. Click the links to find out more information and how we’re ensuring it’s still easy to travel.

Gleadless Townend to Halfway

From Saturday 20 July
to Friday 02 August

Blue route affectedPurple route affected

Improvement works will be taking place around White Lane, Crystal Peaks and Waterthorpe, resulting in temporary changes to Blue and Purple route services.

View more information

Sheffield Station to Gleadless Townend and Herdings Park

From Saturday 03 August
to Sunday 11 August

Blue route affectedPurple route affected

Improvement works will be taking place around Hollinsend and Herdings Park, resulting in temporary changes to Blue and Purple route services.

Please check back on Monday 29 July for further information.

Hillsborough Interchange to Middlewood

From Monday 12 August
to Sunday 01 September

Yellow route affected

Improvement works will be taking place on Middlewood Road, resulting in temporary changes to Yellow route services.

Please check back later for further information.

How to keep up to date

Information about network improvement works will always be shared on this page. 

Other ways to get notified of improvement works include:

Other Works

Many improvement and repair works take place without affecting tram services, however there may be impact on residents and businesses. Details of these works are listed below, click on a box to view more information.

Queens Towers to City Road infrastructure works (May - October)
Tram stop deep cleaning (March - July)

How we're minimising disruption

We're working hard to keep you moving and minimise any temporary disruption arising from network improvement works. By incorporating your feedback, we're ensuring that plenty of information is available, and where necessary tram replacement bus services will operate to provide onward connection for your journey.

Keeping the tram network moving
We're making every effort to keep as much of the tram network in operation as possible during improvement works. This could mean that certain areas of the network have separate tram services, connected by a convenient replacement bus service.
Tram replacement bus services
Wherever possible and necessary we'll provide a tram replacement bus service. Bus services will be timetabled to be as fast and co-ordinated as possible with tram services. You'll be able to travel on tram replacement bus services with any valid Supertram ticket.
Timetables and Journey Planners
Timetable information for tram and replacement bus services will be provided in full online, and details will also be provided at tram and bus stops. Whenever possible we'll also ensure our journey planner and third party providers are updated with amended service information.
Information when travelling
We want to make it as easy as possible to keep travelling during any improvement works, so affected tram stops will have printed information displayed, including service frequency, maps and replacement bus information. Bus stops will also have printed information available.
We're working hard to support all travellers with easy to understand and accessible information. Audio announcements will be available on trams, our webpages will have comprehensive accessibility information to help you plan head, and you can call Traveline for further support.
Listening to your feedback
In June we conducted a survey to hear your views on the May 2024 city centre rail replacement works. Your feedback on how the works impacted you is really important to us, and we're already incorporating improvements. You can contact Travel South Yorkshire to share feedback with us.

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