Travel South Yorkshire (TSY) App

Regular traveller or just visiting, the TSY Mobile App is super easy to download and gets you tramstastic value tickets.

Download now on Google Play and the Apple App Store!

Buy tickets on the app for a quick and easy way to travel:

  • no more losing your paper ticket - digital ticket wallet to store your tickets 
  • better value tickets bought through the app
  • free and simple to use
  • tickets available for purchase 24/7
  • no internet connection needed to view or scan your ticket

For tram only and combined bus and tram ticket options, across South Yorkshire.

TSY app screenshot showing fast ticketingTSY app screenshot showing secure walletTSY app screenshot showing ticket options

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How do I buy a ticket?
What cards can I use to buy a ticket?
Which tickets can I buy?
How do I use my tickets?
Which software version do I need?
Do I need an internet connection?
Can I buy tickets for other people?
Can I buy tickets in advance?
Can I get a refund?
What if I lose or change my phone?
What if I can't see my ticket?
What if my ticket won't activate?
What if my tram ticket code won't scan?
What if my phone isn't working?
If I update the app, will my tickets disappear?
How do I load a ticket onto my smartcard?
Why is my card not scanning on my smartphone?
How do I delete the TSY App?
Still need help?