Live departure information

Ways to get departure times for bus, tram or train before you set off on your journey or when you're at a stop or in an interchange/station.

Departure times

Get live or timetabled departure times for bus, tram or trains in our Journey planner. 
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At your bus/tram stop

Get unique travel information on your mobile for each bus and tram stop across South Yorkshire. 
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At an interchange

View the departure information displays at your local interchange and check standfinders for which services depart from which stand. 
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Using Your Next Bus

Use the Your Next Bus service now to find out the actual time of your bus or tram on your mobile or computer. 
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Smartphone apps

Get information on popular public transport apps along with some useful QR code apps for using YourStop. 
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Live train departures

Our train tracker page provides links to each rail station in our region so you can find live travel information for your train journey. 
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