Your Next Bus

You can get a travel text sent straight to your phone to find out when you bus or tram will arrive at your stop with our YourNextBus service. 

YourNextBus is a message service that uses satellite technology to track where your next bus or tram is and when it will arrive at your stop. 

Use the Your Next Bus service (Live departures on our home page) now to find out the actual time of your bus or tram on your mobile or computer. 

Your Next Bus by text

If you don't have a smartphone or internet enabled mobile phone then you can get Your Next Bus information by text.

To get accurate bus or tram times sent to your phone follow these simple steps:

  1. Text the 8-digit bus stop number - located on the bus stop flag or timetable information - to 64422. Each text costs up to 12p plus your standard network rate. 
  2. You'll get a message back telling you how many minutes away your bus or tram is from the bus stop. 

Information on bus services later in the day

  • Input your 8-digit bus stop number e.g. 37021180.
  • Add a space and then enter your chosen time making sure you use the 24 hour clock e.g. 37021180 1330.

Information on a specific service later in the day

To receive timetable based information for services later in the day:

  • Input your 8-digit bus stop number e.g. 37021180.
  • Add a space and then enter the bus service.
  • Add another space then enter your chosen time, remembering to use the 24 hour clock e.g. 37021180 14 1330.

Find your bus stop number

Your bus stop number can be found on the bus stop flag, on the side of a bus shelter or on the bottom of the timetable information. Your stop number will always start with 370.
Here is an example: 37022510m you can also see an example of a bus stop on the locating your bus stop number page

Search by Bus Service Number

If you are using the internet or WAP on your mobile phone you can search for the specific bus service that you require. Once this service has been found you can choose the stop along its route that you want the real-time information for.

Search by Postcode

If you are using the internet you can enter a postcode and you will be able to view all the stops round the entered postcode and choose the correct one. Your results can even be viewed on a map making it easier for you to navigate and find the correct stop.

If you want further information on using YourNextBus service visit our Frequently asked questions section. 

Service statement

This Service Statement relates to any refunds and forms part of our Terms of Use applying to all text messages and internet usage of the YourNextBus service. 

YourNextBus is an associated brand of the South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority, who is a member of the Travel South Yorkshire partnership. 

If you have a problem

You are a valued customer and Travel South Yorkshire wants you to be happy with the YourNextBus product.

However we regret that in the event of any circumstance that may have caused you to be less than satisfied with the product or service, we are unable to provide refunds or compensation for any cost that you may have incurred.

South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority is a non-profit making organisation and makes no gain from the receipt or generation of text messages or internet use.

Our refund policy does not affect your statutory rights.

Contacting us

Do you want to ask us a question? For further information contact Traveline on 01709 51 51 51, use the Tell us what you think form or write to us at:

Customer Service Manager,
South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority
11 Broad Street West
S1 2BQ  

More information

Visit our Your Next Bus Frequently Asked Questions page

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