Flexible travel is here.

Flexible travel is here

The Flexi5 ticket gives you a bundle of 5 separate day tickets to use in 31 days for work or play. 

Travel that’s more affordable, high five!

With Flexi5 you can travel for 5 days and pay for 4, when compared to the price of separate day tickets. It’s up to you how you spend the extra day!

Flexi5 tickets

CityBus Flexi5
Valid on all buses in Sheffield
CityWide Flexi5
Valid on all buses and trams in Sheffield
BConnect Flexi5
Valid on all buses in Barnsley
DConnect Flexi5
Valid on all buses in Doncaster
RConnect Flexi5
Valid on all buses and trams in Rotherham
SYConnect Flexi5
Valid on all buses and trams in South Yorkshire
Delivered in partnership with TravelMaster. Ticket Terms and Conditions apply.

Flexi5 tickets are also available for First and Stagecoach tickets on their mobile apps.

Step 1 - Apply for a smartcard

Before you can buy a TravelMaster Flexi5 ticket you need to order a TravelMaster smartcard, if you don't already have one. You can do this on the TravelMaster website.

Step 2 - Buy your Flexi5 ticket

You can buy a Flexi5 ticket online through the TravelMaster website once you have a smartcard.

Your Flexi5 ticket is activated on your first journey and the rest can be used whenever you like within 31 days.

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