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Our Customer Charter


Our Customer Charter is designed to keep you, our customer, informed about our commitments to operating South Yorkshire Supertram to the standard you expect and why your feedback is important to us. We want you to know and understand how your opinions about the services we provide allow us to better meet your needs. The Charter also tells you what you can expect from us when you give us any comments. 

There are lots of different ways to contact us,

Our promises to you

 On board our trams 

We want you to have a great journey on Supertram so: 

  • We have a conductor on board every tram, offering in person customer support whenever needed
  • You'll find friendly and helpful staff and a clean and safe environment 
  • We offer priority seating for customers with mobility or any other difficulty including people with small children. Mobility scooters are welcome on board so long as they comply with our mobility scooter policy 
  • All our trams are equipped with CCTV, automated announcements, and visual displays. The presence of CCTV equipment on a vehicle is confirmed by appropriate signage. When we record customers on our CCTV systems, we follow the CCTV Code of Practice published by the Information Commissioner’s Office
  • We welcome guide dogs and recognised support and assistance dogs 

Supertram tickets

Buying the right Supertram ticket for you is easy. 

You can buy single, day and weekly tickets on board directly from the conductor. 

Day, weekly and 28-day tickets are also available to purchase on the TSY mobile app. 

You can also buy multi-mode TravelMaster tickets on board and on the app, allowing you to travel by both bus, tram and train using a single ticket.

When things go wrong 

All of us involved in operating South Yorkshire Supertram will do our best to ensure that the service meets expectations. We understand there may be times when you're unhappy with the standard of service. When this happens, we want to hear from you. We’ll take your comments or complaints very seriously and do everything we can to make things right.  

There are times when we may experience disruption, either due to maintenance work or incidents which are beyond our control. When this happens, we'll: 

We are committed to offering a safe, reliable and frequent service with polite, friendly and helpful staff. 

Millions of people use our services each year, and we want all of them to enjoy their experience when travelling with South Yorkshire Supertram. However if you would like to view our Complaints Handling Process you can do so here.

Supertram is also subject to the Travel South Yorkshire Customer Charter

Giving us your feedback  

We make it quick and easy for you to get in touch, and we always have time to listen to what you have to say. Telling us what you think can help us to improve our products and services. Whether you are happy with the service you have received or dissatisfied, we want to hear from you!  

 We are committed to responding to your queries and comments within the following timeframes:

  • Email – an acknowledgement within five and a response within twenty working days
  • Written mail – an acknowledgement within five and a response within twenty working days of receipt
  • Social media – an acknowledgement within five working days, and a further response within ten working days
  • In person at an interchange Customer Service desk – someone will speak to you within five minutes of arrival

Phone - the Traveline team have some further specific service level commitments, you can find full details on our Traveline page.

Supertram help and contact

Lost property

If you have lost something on the Tram you can fill in our lost property form and we'll get back to you.

Working on our network

Please take time to read all the requirements for working on our network. You'll need to apply for a permit to work too.

Planned disruptions