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  • Senior Pass

    With a Senior Pass you are entitled to free off peak travel on buses across England (plus additional concessions in South Yorkshire) through the English National Concession Travel Scheme (ENCTS). 

    Do you qualify for a pass?Apply nowPass ProtectionWhen can you travel?Hospital appointments

    Do you qualify for a pass?

    You must live in South Yorkshire and be of an eligible age, which is equivalent to the female state pensionable age as defined by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). To find out when you are eligible for concessionary travel:

    If you live outside South Yorkshire, you need to apply to the local authority that covers your usual place of residence.

    Apply now

    Step 1: Set up an account in your name (or log in if you already have an account)

    Step 2: Log-in > Select Passes > Concessions > ENCTS Senior Citizen

    Step 3: Complete personal details, upload proof documents and photo  

    Step 4: Check your order and go to checkout. 

    You will need the following:

     Read the full application guidance on what documents you need to apply for a pass.

    • A recent passport standard photo - please see the 'Acceptable photo guidance' as an unsuitable photo could delay your application.

    • Proof of age (view the full list of documents accepted)  such as:

      • Passport identifier – the 28 characters on the bottom line of your passport e.g. 1041211587GBR0205169F1604120
      • or a scanned copy of a document showing proof of age and address e.g. Scanned birth certificate or NHS medical card.

    Apply now >> 

    Replace your lost or stolen pass 

    Visit our page on Senior Renewals to find out what happens when your pass is due to expire. 

    If you don't have internet access:

    If you do not have access to the internet to apply online you can phone us on 01709 515151.

    When will I receive my pass? 

    We aim to dispatch your pass within 11 days of receiving your completed online application.  

    If you apply by paper we aim to dispatch your pass within 25 days of receiving your completed application form. 

    It will be valid for five years from the date on which the card is produced. Your pass will be posted to your home address which must be within South Yorkshire.

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    Pass protection

    Pass protection can be taken out against Senior Citizen Passes for £5 for the duration of your pass, up to five years. 

    This will enable you to replace your old pass free of charge should you lose it during the time in which it is valid. 

    Please read the Pass Protection terms and conditions (PDF, 406Kb) before applying.


    When can you travel?

    Pass holders can travel between 0930 and 2300 on weekdays and at any time during the weekend and on Bank Holidays:

    • for free on local bus services* and trams within South Yorkshire during the times/days outlined above.

    • for half-fare travel between stations on the South Yorkshire rail network between 9.30am and 11pm Monday to Friday and at any time at weekends and on Bank Holidays.
      This applies only to South Yorkshire residents. Please note regarding 'half fare': for Northern trains scheduled to depart between 1601 and 1829 on weekdays, the Senior Pass fare is half of the Peak Fare for the journey being made.

    In all other parts of England, South Yorkshire passes can be used for free travel on bus services between 0930 and 2300 weekdays and all day weekends and Bank Holidays. *

    *Local bus services do not include booked excursions and long distance coach travel such as that provided by National Express or Megabus. They may also exclude some special services such as temporary shuttle bus.

    Hospital appointments before 9.30am 

    More information and conditions of use:


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    Date of birth

    This table can help you find out when you are eligible and the earliest date to apply for your pass.

    If you were born before 6 July 1953, you already qualify for a pass.

    If you were born later in 1953, you become eligible as follows:

    Date of birth Date eligible for a pass

     6 July 1953 to 5 August 1953  

     6 July 2017  

     6 August 1953 to 5 September 1953  

     6 November 2017  

     6 September 1953 to 5 October 1953  

     6 March 2018  

     6 October 1953 to 5 November 1953  

     6 July 2018  

     6 November 1953 to 5 December 1953  

     6 November 2018  

     6 December 1953 to 5 January 1954 

     6 March 2019 

    If you were born in 1954 or after 

    Date of birth Date eligible for a pass

     6 December 1953 to 5 January 1954  

     6 March 2019  

     6 January 1954 to 5 February 1954  

     6 May 2019  

     6 February 1954 to 5 March 1954  

     6 July 2019  

     6 March 1954 to 5 April 1954  

     6 September 2019  

     6 April 1954 to 5 May 1954  

     6 November 2019  

     6 May 1954 to 5 June 1954  

     6 January 2020  

     6 June 1954 to 5 July 1954  

     6 March 2020  

     6 July 1954 to 5 August 1954  

     6 May 2020  

     6 August 1954 to 5 September 1954  

     6 July 2020  

     6 September 1954 to 5 October 1954  

     6 September 2020  

     6 October 1954 to 5 November 1954  

     66th birthday  


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