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Travel Passes Frequently Asked Questions

We've listed some of the frequently asked questions customers ask regarding travel passes: 

General pass questions

Q. Am I eligible for a pass?
Q. Do I have to pay for my pass?
Q. What documents do I need to apply for a pass?
Q. How long will it take for my pass to be delivered?
Q. Where will my pass be delivered?
Q. When will my pass be valid from?
Q. What if I live outside South Yorkshire?
Q. What if I don't have access to, or can't use, the Internet? how do I apply?
Q. How do I use my pass?
Q. My pass is faulty (doesn’t scan) what can I do?

MegaTravel Pass

Q. My child starts secondary school in September but is not 11 until near the end of August. Do I have to wait to apply until after their birthday?
Q. My child is going to be 11 in September and will be in Year 6 but they are still at junior school - will they need a pass yet or is it just senior school children?
Q. We live in Barnsley but my child attends school in Wakefield. Would this pass be suitable for her to use?
Q. Why can't my child just show their passport, birth certificate, or other proof of age?
Q. What discounts do I get from using my MegaTravel pass?
Q. Where and when can I use my MegaTravel pass?

16-18 Travel Pass

Q. Why do I need a 16-18 Travel Pass?
Q. How long is a 16-18 Travel Pass valid?
Q. Who can now get a 16-18 Travel Pass?
Q. I will be at college / sixth form after the age of 18 – will I still be able to get a 16-18 Travel pass?
Q. Do I still need to apply for my 16-18 Travel Pass every year?
Q. What discounts do I get from using my 16-18 Travel pass?
Q. Where and when can I use my 16-18 Travel pass?
Q. When can I get the 18-22 discount card?

Disabled Person's Pass

Q: How long will my Disabled Person's Pass (ENCTS) be valid for?
Q. My Disabled Person’s Pass is about to expire. How do I renew it?
Q: Can I renew my Disabled Person’s Pass by post?
Q. When can I travel with my Disabled Person's Pass?

Senior Pass

Q. How long will my Senior Pass be valid for ?
Q. Will I be sent a new Senior pass automatically when my current pass expires ?
Q: My Senior Pass has already expired; how can I renew it ?
Q. I’ve moved house since my last Senior pass was issued, what should I do ?
Q. Do I need to provide a new photograph when replacing my Senior pass?
Q. When can I travel with my Senior Pass?

Zero Fare Pass

Q. Can the Zero Fare passes be used on dedicated school buses like the MegaTravel can?
Q. How do I know if I qualify for a Zero Fare pass?
Q. The local council has said that I don't qualify for a Zero Fare pass funded by them. Can I buy one?
Q. My child is going on work experience, can they still use their zero fare pass ?