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From 22nd March, Supertram is back under public control. That means we get to make decisions about the future of services, and how the network operates. Everything from the colour of the seats to where the tram goes is ours to decide. But if we're going to make better decisions about the things that matter to you the most, we need your help.

From Monday 8 April bus users in Sheffield will be able to enjoy their free journey around the city centre in the comfort of a brand new, zero emission bus. 
From March 22 South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority (SYMCA) will take over ownership of South Yorkshire’s Supertram, operated by a newly formed operating company South Yorkshire Future Tram Limited (SYFTL). 

We’ve worked with operators, local authority representatives, employers and residents to identify changes that we feel would improve specific local services and are looking to implement some of them from Sunday 7 April 2024.