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Why use the app?

A quick and easy way to travel. Buy tickets in advance through your smartphone: 

  • user friendly app to buy and activate your tickets
  • digital ticket wallet to store your tickets - no more worrying where you left your paper tickets
  • better value tickets bought through the app
  • tickets available for purchase 24/7
  • no internet connection needed to view or scan your ticket

Tram tickets

We are introducing a 10% discount on some tram-only fares for the first 100 days of operation, ending 30 June. This discount will apply to 1, 5, 7 and 28-day tickets, purchased onboard the tram or via the app.

Tickets can be bought onboard our trams from one of our friendly conductors, or you can purchase in advance through our mobile app.

We offer a range of daily, weekly and four-weekly ticket options. 

For combination bus and tram tickets, visit

Valid TravelMaster tickets (South Yorkshire connect, Citywide, Rotherham Connect) can be scanned and accepted for travel by our conductors. Additionally, we sell singles, returns and day tickets on tram.

Tram Singles & ReturnsSingleReturn
Adult Single- Short Journey£2.40£4.00
Adult Single - Longer Journey£2.80N/A
Child Flat Fare (supported by SYMCA, over 11s need Zoom card)
Zoom Beyond Flat Fare (commercial special offer for those aged 18-21)****£2.00£4.00
HM Forces Single (ID required)£1.00N/A

10% discount introductory discount applies to all the following fares – ends 30 June.

Tram Day TicketsTramApp
Adult Tram Day£5.40£5.00
Child Tram Day£3.00£3.00
Family Tram Day**£11.00£10.50
Tram Only Flexi5 (bundle of 5 Tram day tickets, available to use any time within a month) N/A£20.00

7 Day Tram tickets
Adult Tram 7 Day
Child Tram 7 Day*
Family Tram 7 Day **

28 Day Tram tickets
Adult Tram 28 DayN/A
Child Tram 28 Days
Student Tram 28 Day*** N/A

* Child: Valid only with Zoom under 16  and Zoom 16-18

**Family: Up to 2 adults and 3 children

*** Student: Valid only with TOTEM, NUS card

**** Zoom Beyond pass required

If you need combined bus and tram tickets and are not sure which one best suits your needs, click here