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    Go cheap with the 16-18 Travel Pass

    Why should I apply?

    • The pass is available to ALL 16-18 year olds in South Yorkshire
    • Cheaper travel for school, college, work or leisure
    • Travel anytime, anywhere in South Yorkshire for just 80p per journey on bus or tram and half fare on Northern trains
    • Valid through Summer months so you can enjoy cheaper travel in August
    • Access money saving tickets for young people.

    Valid on

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    Free travel pass which you can then buy and load tickets onto


    All operators


    up to 2 years

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    Who can apply?

    You can apply for a 16-18 Travel Pass if you:

    • live in South Yorkshire (your household probably pays council tax to Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham or Sheffield council)
    • are aged between 16 and 18. Please check the table below to see when you can apply:

      Date of birth   You can apply from    Your 16-18 Travel Pass will expire  
      From   To  
      01/09/2001 31/08/2002 01/05/2018 31/07/2020
      01/09/2002 31/08/2003 01/05/2019 31/07/2021
      01/09/2003 31/08/2004 01/06/2020 31/07/2022
      01/09/2004 31/08/2005 01/05/2021 31/07/2023


      * Unless your birthday is in August, in which case your pass will expire the day before your 18th birthday.



    Apply online it's easy!

    Step 1: Set up a MyTSY account (if you don’t already have one) 
    Step 2: Log-in > Select Passes > Concessions > 16-18 Travel Pass
    Step 3: Complete personal details and upload proof documents
    Step 4: Upload your photo (view the full application guidance on what kind of photo you need)
    Step 5: Check your order and go to checkout.

    What you will need to apply:

    • A recent passport standard photo

      Please see the photo guidance as an unsuitable photo could delay your application.
      You can use your phone to take this if you are applying online.

    • Proof of age such as:

      • Passport identifier – the 28 characters on the bottom line of your passport e.g. 1041211587GBR0205169F1604120
      • Driving licence number e.g. COOKS854018SL9KU04
      • Copy of a document stating your date of birth such as:
        • Your birth certificate
        • NHS medical card
        • NHS prescription 
        • Any other official letter that states your date of birth.
    •  You must provide a valid South Yorkshire address on the application

    If all the details are correct we aim to dispatch your pass within 11 days of receiving your completed online application. 

    Unfortunately we can't accept a letter confirming your National Insurance number as proof of identity, as it doesn't state your date of birth. 




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