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  • YourStop

    Get unique information on your mobile for each bus and tram stop by scanning a QR code or tapping the NFC tag at your bus or tram stop.

    To see the YourStop information you can either:



    Scan the QR code on each bus or tram stop timetable. You may need to install a QR code reader on your phone.
    Visit our smartphone apps page for QR readers available to download.



    Tap the NFC tag which can be found on a number of Sheffield city centre bus stops. Just look for the logo.
    You will need to make sure your phone is set up ready for NFC (usually found in your Wireless and Network settings)

    Key features of YourStop

    • View live departures for a bus or tram stop, you can bookmark the page if you use that stop regularly
    • Plan your journey from or to that stop
    • Check for bus service disruptions in your local area
    • This service is free (please check your tariff bundles for data usage)
    • You don't have to find and enter the bus or tram stop number. All of our stop numbers are 8 digits long and start with 370. YourStop number will already be added to the from box, just add your destination into the to box using either place of interest, local area, road name or post code.

    Find out more

    We'd like to know what information you’d like to see in the future on the YourStop page, you can let us know by completing our simple survey.

    Find out more about YourStop by watching our YouTube video


    Data charges may apply when connecting to the internet. Please check with your provider.

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  • Live departure tools

    You can get live departure times on your computer, tablet, smartphone or mobile
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