Dearne Valley Parkway, Doncaster Road, Goldthorpe (Barnsley) -  03/06 to 03/09;

Posted: 03/06/2024 23:01:00

Affected dates: 03/06/2024 to 03/09/2024;

Reason: Repair work

Description: Dearne Valley Parkway is closed between Fields End Roundabout and Doncaster Road for further highway repairs.
Due to congestion on Doncaster Road through Goldthorpe the X19 will be diverted as follows:
Barnsley Rd, left B6098 to roundabout, straight across to Barrowfield Rd, on to Lidget lane then Doncater Road at Hickleton to follow the normal route. (in both directions).
The nearest alternative stop is Barnsley Road/Probert Avenue.

Impact: Unknown

Mode:  Bus
Stagecoach:  X19,
Please be aware that due to the closure of Dearne Valley Parkway the X19 is being diverted onto the B6098 towards Barrowfield Road and Lidget Lane before returning to the normal route.
Please use the nearest alternative stop at Barnsley Road/Probert Avenue.
Affected stops:
Barnsley Interchange/A19 (370010286)
Barnsley Road/High Street (370050876)
Barnsley Road/Highgate (370055091)
Barnsley Road/Highgate Lane (370050239)
Barnsley Road/Highgate Lane (370055169)
Barnsley Road/Nicholas Lane (370050240)
Barnsley Road/Probert Avenue (370050234)
Barnsley Road/Probert Avenue (370050235)
Doncaster Frenchgate Interchange/A10 (370010247)
Doncaster Frenchgate Interchange/A11 (370010248)
Doncaster Road/Co-Operative Street (370050266)
Doncaster Road/Market Street (370050990)
Doncaster Road/Pickhills Avenue (370051161)
Doncaster Road/Pickhills Avenue (370050267)
Schwabish Gmund Way/Schwabish Gmund Way (370055974)