One million journeys made cheaper with Mayor’s £2 fare

Passengers in South Yorkshire have made savings on one million bus and tram journeys with the Mayor’s £2 fare since the scheme came in on the 1 November, saving customers nearly £500,000.

A single bus or tram journey anywhere in South Yorkshire now costs no more than £2. The scheme is part of Mayor Oliver Coppard’s plans to combat the cost-of-living crisis over winter and was introduced across South Yorkshire two months ahead of a national £2 cap on bus journeys between January and March. 
South Yorkshire’s Mayor Oliver Coppard, said: “As the cost of living crisis continues to affect us all and we brace for further challenges, I am determined to do all I can help our community get through this winter with the power and resources I have.

“I know cutting public transport costs is a big part of the solution for the thousands of people in our region who rely on our buses and tram network. That’s why we introduced the £2 fare cap early here in South Yorkshire, where it’s needed now - ahead of the government’s planned national scheme - and extended it to include trams.

“Because while we all recognise there’s a lot of work to do to fix our broken public transport system, bit by bit we’re trying to make things better for the travelling public and this is the start of that journey.”

Bus and Supertram journeys which already cost under £2  are not affected, including 80p Zoom Beyond fares for young people.

Check full details on our fare cap webpage.