SYPTE launches employer survey

SYPTE will work with South Yorkshire businesses to better understand their work and travel plans in a post-pandemic future, to inform a roadmap to rebuild and recover the region’s public transport network. 

We're contacting hundreds of regional businesses to research how employees could return to the workplace once Coronavirus restrictions are lifted. The Employer Survey launches on Monday 1 March, and follows SYPTE research in 2020 that looked at peoples’ travel habits in and beyond lockdown.

Employers in South Yorkshire can take part in the survey until Wednesday 28 April. Our Sustainable Travel team will contact some businesses directly, but they can also complete the survey here.

“We want to understand what future commuting patterns will be like and make sure we’re rebuilding South Yorkshire’s public transport network to meet those travel needs. We’re asking if employees carry on working from home? Do businesses predict a quick return to the office and will people be working there full or part time? And for those heading back to the workplace, how are they planning to travel there?” says Tim Taylor, Director of Customer Services at SYPTE.

“The answers to these questions will help to identify expected demand on the network and contribute to shaping our recovery plans for public transport, walking and cycling. Our priority is to ensure that everyone can travel safely and that we keep South Yorkshire moving.”

Our Sustainable Travel team engages with workplaces and businesses to promote the benefits of active travel and encourage individuals to commute by cycling, walking or using public transport.