Coronavirus update - new national restrictions are in place

Stay at home. For your essential journeys, public transport is available - plan ahead and travel safely.

Visit our Coronavirus page for travel information and advice

Get walking while distancing! 

Government guidelines advise that we should try to walk and cycle as much as we can in the current climate; and walking remains one of the best ways to exercise safely each day. Walking can be done while social distancing as part of your commute or leisure time.  

Team up with a colleague, friend or family member, either in person or virtually - there's strength in numbers after all! And if you aren’t already then there are plenty of resources and organisations that can help you to get walking. 

Sheffield City Region have an interactive map to locate routes around South Yorkshire: 

Share your walking stories online using #ThinkCheckTravel – we’d love to hear from you!  

You could pledge to walk a mile a day or, if you commute by car, to park a little further away and walk the last 15 minutes or go for a stroll in your lunch break.  

There are also lots of apps that can help you keep a track of your steps (or you could use a pedometer) and help you to plan a walk.  Monitoring your progress via an app can also be great for motivation and reward.   

Any type of walking is good for you, but brisk walking is best. 

Download theActive10 app to help you get started and see how much of your walking is 'brisk'. Active10 is available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. There are also some excellent resources on the Public Health England Active 10 website. And, for the more adventurous or experienced walker, the team at the Outdoor City have a helpful guide for improving your walking experience.