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Door 2 Door services

Door 2 Door bus services (also known as Community Transport) are for people who have difficulty using the mainstream public transport network. These services use fully accessible vehicles and can take you from your own home to places round your local area - like supermarkets or town centres - without the need to get to a bus stop. 

Coronavirus update - Community Transport

Community Transport Dial-a-Ride services in South Yorkshire are beginning to restart. In Sheffield, Rotherham and Doncaster, services restarted on Wednesday 1 July. In Barnsley, services are due to restart on Tuesday 7 July.

The service will be provided for essential journeys only and a maximum of two trips per week, per passenger will be permitted with trips limited to within 5 miles. This is so that the Community Bus operators can accommodate as many journeys and support as many customers as possible whilst space on their vehicles is reduced due to social distancing measures. Hospital services are not available at this time.

Only one passenger – or two from the same household - may travel in the minibus and will use the seats furthest from the driver at the rear of the vehicle.

Customers are not permitted to travel if they have any symptoms of COVID-19 (check the NHS website for symptoms) and will be asked to confirm they do not have symptoms before entering the vehicle. Drivers may only provide minimal assistance to passengers, which does not include assistance with securing seatbelts, securing wheelchairs or mobility scooters but may include the securing of walking frames. To ensure the safety of everyone onboard, passengers must be able to board and alight using the vehicle side entrance without assistance except from a household member.  

Door 2 Door services include: 

  • ShopperBus: on set days and times in your area, going to a supermarket or your local town or city centre for a flat return fare of £2.50.

  • Dial-a-Ride: operates on weekdays to where you want to go locally, starting at £2.50 per single journey. 

To use Door 2 Door you will need to contact your local provider and register with them. Once you’ve registered you can book to travel. You can find out more about the full range of Door 2 Door services in your area by phoning the Community Transport operator nearest to you. 

Your local Door-2-Door providers are:

All Door 2 Door services are provided subject to availability, so the more flexible you can be with when you want to travel, the more likely it is that you will be able to make a booking.

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