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  • Transport Accessibility

    Travel South Yorkshire (TSY) is committed to continually improving the accessibility of mainstream public transport and transport interchanges. If you’ve not used public transport for a while, you might be surprised by how easy it now can be to travel.

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    Did you know that most buses in South Yorkshire are low-floor, fully accessible vehicles? They can accommodate one ‘reference size’ wheelchair and they’re also easier to board for passengers with reduced mobility, or travelling with heavy luggage or children. 

    In Sheffield the Supertram network and its ‘feeder’ bus services from Stocksbridge, Stannington and Killamarsh are also fully accessible. Supertram has level, easy access to tram stops, doors that stop level with the tactile markings on every platform, straightforward access into two wheelchair spaces when boarding or leaving the tram, priority seating for elderly and disabled passengers, and audio and visual next stop information on board.

    Door 2 Door

    If you have difficulty using mainstream public transport, Door 2 Door Community Transport services in South Yorkshire may be able to help. Door 2 Door services are operated using fully accessible vehicles that take you directly from your home and around the local area you live in, making your travel experience as easy as possible. All Door 2 Door services must be pre-booked before travel.

    Before using a Door 2 Door service, you will need to register with your local provider. You can do this by contacting them and filling out a simple form, which they will help you to complete. Registration is free. Your local providers are:

    Door 2 Door services from these providers include:

    • ShopperBus: on set days and times in your area, going to a supermarket, or local town or city centre. Picks you up from home, charging a flat return fare of £2.20.
    • Dial-a-Ride: Takes you from your home to anywhere within the district you live in, personalising your journey to your needs.
    • Group Travel: If you are a member of a group that wants to use a minibus, either with your own driver or with a driver supplied, then the Group Travel scheme may be what you are looking for.

    All Door 2 Door services are subject to availability, as there is a large demand, so the more flexible you can be with the time you want to travel, the more likely it is that you will be able to make a booking.  You can find out more about the full range of Door 2 Door services in your area, including Shopperbus timetable information, by phoning the Community Transport operator nearest to you on the above numbers.

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    Mobility scooters

    Even certain kinds of mobility scooter can be used on trams and on some buses provided you hold a CPT scooter permit. The scooter permit scheme enables users to access designated low-floor buses of participating operators, providing their scooters meet certain criteria and have been issued with a permit. The permit is not a fare card; users will still need to pay or use a concessionary travel card in order to travel. In order to get a permit, users need to have a Class 2 scooter that is no larger than 1000mm long, 600mm wide, with a turning radius no greater than 1200mm. The weight of the scooter (including user) is also taken into consideration and must be no more than 300kg (47 Stone). These requirements are designed to ensure that a scooter can fit in the designated space on board all accessible low-floor buses and can board in a safe and controlled manner. A free, simple assessment will be conducted by a participating bus operator. In South Yorkshire, Arriva, First South Yorkshire and Stagecoach have all signed up to the scheme and will be offering assessments and issuing passes to those who meet the specification outlined above. Anyone wishing to apply for a permit needs to contact one of them. Please call the numbers below for more details.

    Once a permit has been issued it will be accepted by all participating bus operators nationally. In South Yorkshire, bus operators who are not issuing permits but will accept them include: Hulleys of Baslow, Sheffield Community Transport, TM Travel and Wilfreda Beehive. If you are hoping to travel on a service operated by a different bus company, you may wish to contact them directly to ask about their policy on mobility scooters. Permits can also be used to access Stagecoach Supertram in Sheffield.
    For further independent advice on types of mobility scooter to suit various needs, check out RICA’s advice on their website.

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    Our interchanges

    Many of the Travel South Yorkshire larger interchanges offer a range of features such as: accessible toilets, baby changing facilities, CCTV for improved safety, hearing aid loop systems, help points and seated waiting areas. Additionally, Meadowhall and Sheffield Interchanges have portable tactile maps with Braille text available. These can be used by people with visual impairments to help navigate through the sites and use the facilities provided and can be borrowed from the customer service desk at the relevant site. If you would like to familiarise yourself with either site prior to visiting, duplicate maps can be viewed at Sheffield Royal Society for the Blind (5 Mappin Street, Sheffield, S1 4DT). More information on these tactile maps is available on the TacMap website.

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    Train stations

    If it’s a train journey you are wanting to make, there’s a lot of help we can give you too. A lot of investment has been put into improving accessibility at rail stations, with many having ramped access, accessible seating, clearer signage and on-platform help points. The National Rail website contains information to help make your train travel easier and includes the feature ‘Stations made easy’, a visual and text journey planner for every station on the network. The journey plan can help you every step of the way: from information on whether there is a step-free exit from a station to checking platform numbers when you change trains, Stations Made Easy is the resource for you.

    Travel South Yorkshire’s friendly staff are always happy to assist you on your journey. If you have restricted mobility, a visual impairment or other disability and know you are likely to need assistance when travelling by train, South Yorkshire rail companies recommend that you contact them at least 24 hours in advance of your journey and ask to book free Travel Assistance. This way, staff will be expecting you and can make your journey as smooth and as comfortable as possible. Contact South Yorkshire train stations by telephone or contact each train operator using the list below:

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    Safe and Better Journey Cards

    First South Yorkshire have relaunched their industry leading ‘Safe Journey Cards’ and ‘Better Journey Cards’, which are designed to help customers use the bus. The introduction of the cards has helped many people use public transport where previously they have faced difficulties. The cards allow the passenger to discreetly communicate a specific message to the driver. This can include:

    • ‘Please scan my pass for me’
    • ‘Please count out my change with me’
    • ‘Please speak slowly, I am hard of hearing’
    • ‘Please wait for me to sit down’
    • ‘Please be patient, I have a hidden disability’, which can include the effects of Alzheimer’s for instance.
    • ‘Please tell me when we reach my destination’ – the passenger can fill this in with the appropriate location. 

    There are also sections where the customer can customize his/her own message to the driver. Safe Journey Cards and Better Journey Cards are free of charge and can be printed directly from the First Bus website at:

    First safe and better journey cards

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