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    We are Inmotion!

    The Inmotion! team is here to help you and your organisation travel in a more sustainable and active way.

    We all travel for a variety of reasons: commuting, getting to school or university or for leisure and shopping.

    But the reality is, most journeys could be healthier, more active and more environmentally-friendly. And that's where we can help. We can show you how other travel options - public transport (bus, tram, train), cycling and walking - can help support a healthier and happier workforce.

    Meet the Inmotion! team

    The Inmotion! team of travel advisors are on hand to give you the latest sustainable travel advice.

    They are:

         Autumn     Inmotion Denise  Inmotion Nicola


    Inmotion Laura  Inmotion Matt   Inmotion Gail

    Health and well-being 

    At Inmotion! we’re all about promoting the benefits of active and sustainable transport and we use the latest research to support what we say. 

    We know that commuters in Yorkshire and the Humber spend on average 50 minutes travelling to work each day and research indicates that this has increased in recent years.

    More than half of commuters believe their journey to work increases their stress level and over a third say it affects the amount of sleep they get.

    But do you know that if you swap your car for the bus, your short walk to the bus stop can burn 22,630 calories a year?

    Or that the act of taking a bus can help you achieve the government’s recommended 30 minutes of exercise a day?

    If you want to see the latest research around health and wellbeing, click on the link…

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