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    Staying safe onboard


    Waiting for the bus or tram at the stop / station

    • Let someone know when you’re leaving and what time you’re due to arrive
    • Pay attention to your surroundings and be respectful of other people waiting with you
    • If wearing headphones keep the volume low so you can hear the traffic and other things around you
    • Keep your valuables out of sight, phones are a target for thieves
    • Stick to well-lit areas where possible
    • Stand away from the kerb or the edge of the platform
    • Make sure the bus tram or train has stopped before boarding
    • Make sure you have got enough money to get home if it’s a return journey


    • Don’t distract the driver
    • Stay seated where possible, only stand if there are no seats but hold onto the handrail, don’t stand upstairs, on the stairs or to the side of the driver
    • Place schoolbags, out of the way, don’t block any exits or aisles
    • Keep any valuables out of sight, if you don’t need them, don’t take them
    • Pay attention to the safety notices
    • Take rubbish with you
    • Don't put your feet on the seats
    • No smoking, it is a fire hazard and illegal

    Keep safe

    • Try to sit near the driver
    • If you are being harassed consider moving to another seat or closer to other passengers
    • Report bullying to your parents or school, bullies can be banned from the bus
    • Look up, you’ll probably spot the CCTV cameras which are recording all the time
    • Make public transport safer for everyone by reporting incidents. Visit the Safety page for more information. 

    Getting off safely

    • Before leaving the tram or bus, look back to see if you have left behind any valuables 
    • Stand clear of doors when they are closing
    • Cross the road at a pedestrian crossing, wait for the bus to leave before you cross. If there is not a crossing nearby, cross the road where you have a clear view of all traffic.
    • Give crossing the road 100% of your attention, texting or listening to music will distract you
    • If you need to cross a railway track, use a crossing!
    • Keep your ticket, you might need the information if you lose something
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