Carlton-In-Lindrick, nr Worksop -  27/09 onwards

Posted: 27/09/2023 11:59:00

Affected dates: 27/09/2023 onwards

Reason: Vandalism

Description: Due to ongoing vandalism issues involving Stagecoach vehicles service will divert after 6pm until further notice.

Impact: Unknown

Mode:  Bus
Stagecoach:  22,
Service 22 will NOT serve the Carlton Estate After 6pm each evening. Passengers are advised to catch the service on the A60
Affected stops:
Alderson Drive/Airedale Avenue (370040136)
Alderson Drive/Airedale Avenue (370045981)
Alderson Drive/Beech Avenue (370040135)
Alderson Drive/Beech Avenue (370041242)
Balby Road/Alexandra Road (370040681)
Balby Road/Bainbridge Road (370045173)
Balby Road/Burton Avenue (370045435)
Balby Road/Carr View Avenue (370040682)
Balby Road/Kelham Street (370045439)
Balby Road/Queens Street (370045168)
Bassetlaw Hospital (3300BA0291)
Bassetlaw Hospital (3300BA0290)
Broom Farm (3300BA0140)
Broom Farm (3300BA0141)
Bus Station (3300BA1139)
Bus Station (3300BA1140)
Bus Station (3300BA1142)
Carlton Park School (3300BA0221)
Carlton Park School (3300BA0222)
Carlton Road (3300BA0326)
Carlton Road (3300BA0144)
Castlegate/Church Lane (370041238)
Church Field Close (3300BA0050)
Church Field Close (3300BA0969)
Church Lane (3300BA0138)
Cleveland Street/Burden Close (370045171)
Cleveland Street/Burden Close (370045584)
Cleveland Street/St James Street (370045170)
Cleveland Street/St Sepulchre Gate West (370045585)
Common Lane/Alderson Drive (370041267)
Common Lane/North Gate (370045892)
Common Lane/North Gate (370040137)
Common Lane/Rye Croft (370041269)
Common Lane/Rye Croft (370045734)
Common Lane/Wheatfield Drive (370041268)
Coniston Road (3300BA0279)
Country Park (3300BA0232)
Country Park (3300BA0240)
Coventry Drive (3300BA0295)
Coventry Drive (3300BA0288)
Dadley Road (3300BA0653)
Dadley Road (3300BA0223)
Doncaster Frenchgate Interchange/A2 (370010239)
Doncaster Road (3300BA0029)
Doncaster Road (3300BA0185)
Doncaster Road (3300BA0209)
Doncaster Road (3300BA0225)
Doncaster Road (3300BA0234)
Doncaster Road (3300BA0186)
Doncaster Road (3300BA0194)
Doncaster Road/Common Lane (370040140)
Doncaster Road/Dadsley Road (370045893)
Doncaster Road/Dadsley Road (370040123)
Doncaster Road/Estfeld Close (370040122)
Doncaster Road/Estfeld Close (370045527)
Doncaster Road/Oddy Lane (370040185)
Doncaster Road/Oddy Lane (370045990)
Doncaster Road/Wadworth Bar (370040186)
Doncaster Road/Wadworth Bar Farm (370045991)
Dryden Road/Weston Road (370040716)
Enterprise House (3300BA0143)
Enterprise House (3300BA0675)
Freshfields (3300BA0142)
Freshfields (3300BA0890)
Harrison Drive (3300BA0188)
Harrison Drive (3300BA0187)
Hereford Close (3300BA0298)
Hereford Close (3300BA0297)
Kendal Close (3300BA0272)
Kendal Close (3300BA0843)
Keswick Road (3300BA0710)
Keswick Road (3300BA0842)
Keswick Road (3300BA0711)
Keswick Road (3300BA0287)
Laburnum Road (3300BA0189)
Laburnum Road (3300BA0409)
Lawn Road (3300BA0235)
Lawn Road (3300BA0236)
Le Brun Square (3300BA0210)
Le Brun Square (3300BA0971)
Lilac Grove (3300BA1094)
Lilac Grove (3300BA1095)
Long Lane (3300BA0218)
Long Lane (3300BA0231)
Main Street/Church Road (370045544)
Main Street/Ratten Row (370040187)
Maltby Road (3300BA0310)
Maltby Road (3300BA0311)
Markham Road (3300BA0224)
Markham Road (3300BA0181)
Mellish Road (3300BA0953)
Mellish Road (3300BA0228)
Miners Welfare (3300BA0676)
Miners Welfare (3300BA0019)
Newcastle Avenue (3300BA1057)
North Gate/Common Lane (370040139)
North Gate/Market Place (370045558)
North Notts College (3300BA0292)
North Notts College (3300BA0293)
Northumberland Avenue (3300BA0237)
Northumberland Avenue (3300BA0238)
Pinfold Drive (3300BA0633)
Primary School (3300BA0049)
Primary School (3300BA0048)
Railway Station (3300BA0018)
Railway Station (3300BA0576)
Ramsden Avenue (3300BA0230)
Ramsden Avenue (3300BA0229)
Riddell Avenue (3300BA0195)
Riddell Avenue (3300BA0227)
Sandford Road/Balby Road (370045609)
Sandford Road/Grange Avenue (370040675)
Sandford Road/Surrey Street (370040676)
Sandford Road/Weston Road (370040715)
Sandford Road/Woodfield Road (370040711)
Sandford Road/Woodfield Road (370045433)
Sandford Road/Wordsworth Avenue (370045166)
School Road (3300BA0239)
School Road (3300BA0952)
Stevenson Road/Newbolt Road (370040714)
Sunderland Street/Alderson Drive (370040133)
Sunderland Street/Alderson Drive (370040132)
Sunderland Street/Market Place (370040131)
Sunderland Street/North Gate (370045528)
Sycamore Road (3300BA0967)
Sycamore Road (3300BA0033)
The Baulk (3300BA0782)
The Baulk (3300BA0783)
Thievedale Avenue (3300BA0319)
Thievedale Avenue (3300BA0873)
Tickhill Road/Alverley Lane (370040197)
Tickhill Road/Alverley Lane (370040198)
Tickhill Road/Bubup Hill (370046271)
Tickhill Road/Clayfields (370040708)
Tickhill Road/Clayfields (370040709)
Tickhill Road/Clayfields (370040707)
Tickhill Road/Clayfields (370040706)
Tickhill Road/Fulwood Drive (370040195)
Tickhill Road/Fulwood Drive (370040196)
Tickhill Road/Hall Balk Lane (370040194)
Tickhill Road/Woodfield Way (370041276)
Toll Bar Cottage (3300BA0897)
Toll Bar Cottage (3300BA0139)
Wadworth Hill/Bubup Hill (370041266)
Wadworth Hill/Rockcliffe Drive (370045216)
Wadworth Hill/Rockcliffe Drive (370040191)
Watson Road (3300BA0579)
Wembley Road (3300BA0184)
Wembley Road (3300BA0183)
West Gate/Castlegate (370045529)
West Gate/Rawson Road (370045556)
West Gate/Worksop Road (370040125)
Weston Road/Barrie Road (370040712)
Weston Road/Lowell Avenue (370040713)
Weston Road/Lowell Avenue (370045436)
Weston Road/Tickhill Road (370045169)
Westway (3300BA0299)
Westway (3300BA0300)
Wigthorpe Lane (3300BA0192)
Wigthorpe Lane (3300BA0968)
Williams Street (3300BA0206)
Williams Street (3300BA0204)
Windsor Road (3300BA0219)
Windsor Road (3300BA0220)
Worksop Road/Bagley Farm Road (370040124)
Worksop Road/Crooked Lane Head (370045988)
Worksop Road/Lindrick Lane (370040130)
Worksop Road/Lindrick Lane (370046587)
Worksop Road/Rotherham Road (370045557)
Worksop Road/Rotherham Road (370040129)
Worksop Road/Stoney Brigg Farm (370046586)