Little Big Changes

What's it all about?

Stick the kettle on, sit back, relax, and let us tell you about Little Big Changes.  

This is all about how a small change to your routine can make a big difference to you, your family, and the world around you.

Our aim is to encourage as many people as possible to make small changes to their lifestyle and encourage transport choices that will make you healthier and wealthier.


Change your pedals, and cycle to work, or take the bus if you can, maybe once or twice a week? It's no biggey, just one step at a time.  


Step 1

Step One

Make a small action

Step 2

Step Two

Contribute to a big change

Step 3

Step Three

Share the love

What can you do?

Whether it's catching the bus instead of driving to work, or cycling with your little ones to school, these can all have a huge effect on your wallet, waistline as well as the world you live in.

Ditch the car and make a healthier choice of transport, whether it's bus, tram, train, cycling or walking, or using the Park and Ride, your small selection of changes will amount to a big achievement.

Get your weekly exercise on your daily commute and feel healthier. A 20-minute walk as part of your journey will keep you fit and combat stress. Leave the car at home once a week and see the difference.

A 20-minute bike ride could burn up to 300 calories; that's the equivalent of an ice cream, chocolate milkshake, or a small glass of wine!

Discover Park and Ride and other ways you can make a Little Big Change.

Small Action

Size doesn't matter. We live in a big world but don't be fooled. Here are some little examples of the changes you can make which make a big difference:

  • Incorporate walking as part of your weekly commute
  • Swap your car pedals for bike pedals at the weekend
  • Spread the word amongst family, friends and colleagues about the benefits of switching up your routine for a healthier mode of transport

Big Change

Your efforts will not go unnoticed. Trust us. Whether it's your wallet, waistline or the world around you, healthier choices to your transport plans can result in a big change to the quality of your life, and your nearest and dearest's lives too.

Did you know that a person who is active every day reduces their risk of depression by 20-35%?

How to get involved

Across this website you will find all the support and advice you need about how to make that little step towards a lifestyle change, see:

> Get walking!

> Get cycling!

> Get to see more! 

And please do share your little big change with us, by uploading a picture or video to social media with the hashtag, #LittleBigChanges. It's that simple. You can document your progress, change and the effects it's had on you and the people around you and who knows, you might just get a Little Big reward!