Your safety is our priority

Every day, thousands of public transport journeys are incident free. But occasionally something is said or done that needs to be pursued to prevent it from happening again.

That’s why Travel South Yorkshire is committed to putting its customers first. We consider your safety and security as a key priority. We are not only working to reduce crime, but also to address people’s perceptions of anti-social behaviour on public transport.

Teaming up to make travel safer

The Travel Safe initiative is a partnership aimed at tackling crime and improving public confidence on public transport across South Yorkshire. Travel South Yorkshire work with South Yorkshire Police, British Transport Police and public transport operators on a number of activities to help prevent incidents.

Trojan bus operations 

Police officers are the only passengers on these specially protected vehicles. They travel on routes where there are anti-social behaviour issues and stop and speak to offenders and deliver a variety of messages. This is a successful operation that is delivered in line with the educational messages we promote in all South Yorkshire schools

Targeting hotspot areas 

If one shelter is damaged regularly, or a number of shelters are damaged in the same area, we often appeal to local residents for help. We send leaflets and targeted emails to ask anyone with useful information to come forward. This can be done confidentially by using our website or by contacting South Yorkshire Police or Crimestoppers directly. This tactic has led to successful prosecutions over recent years.

Plain clothed officers 

Occasionally it’s necessary to send South Yorkshire Police officers in plain clothes on public transport or in and around interchanges to catch offenders in the act. We often do this when we receive a complaint from a customer or get information from a driver or a member of staff.

Revenue protection checks 

With the assistance of South Yorkshire Police, public transport operators carry out regular to make sure that everyone onboard has a valid ticket. Anyone caught attempting to avoid paying their fare will be given an on the spot fine and could face prosecution.

Trained to track troublemakers

British Transport Police provide a policing service to rail operators, their staff and customers throughout South Yorkshire. You may see them patrolling trains and stations. They take an active role in the fight against cable theft, which causes thousands of pounds worth of damage and leads to train delays.

You can report a crime on the railway by calling 0800 405040 or by visiting

Our eyes never shut

All our interchanges have CCTV cameras working 24/7. These serve a dual purpose. They reassure our customers that we’re watching everything to keep them safe, and deter anti-social behaviour by reminding possible troublemakers that their actions will be caught on camera. If found guilty they could be prosecuted or made to pay for the damage they've done.

All trams in Sheffield are now fitted with CCTV. More trains and buses throughout South Yorkshire are getting equipped every week, helping to make your complete travel journey safer than ever before.

Travel Safe partnership photo call