Using Travel South Yorkshire website tools for your business or website

If you run a local business or website, you may wish to make use of some of the Travel South Yorkshire journey planning tools for your customers on your own website:

Real Time information on your mobile and computer

For many bus services, real time information is available online which shows when the bus will depart from the stop of your choice. When this real time information is not available, timetable information shows the time the bus is scheduled to depart the stop.

You can access this information through the YourNextBus website. Search for the specific stop, for example, the nearest stop to your business. This URL can then be saved for future use by bookmarking. You can also add this as a link on your website or intranet.

For information on real time on your mobile visit

Smartphone applications

There are a range of applications available which provide public transport information, for more information visit our smartphone apps page.  

Open Data

Traveline Information Limited offers several open data options including TNDS, NextBuses API and National Operator Code database (NOC). More information from:

Other useful pages:

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