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  • Zero Fare Pass - Private Purchase

    The Zero Fare Pass gives free travel on public transport for qualifying children travelling to and from school. If you don't qualify for a free zero fare pass you can purchase one privately.

    Please check with your local council whether you qualify for a Zero Fare pass before purchasing one from SYPTE.

    The pass can be paid for by monthly instalments and will provide travel within South Yorkshire between home and school.

    This pass is for children aged 5 - 16 years.  For students over 16 years please contact us at for further information.

    Valid on:

    Bus icon  Tram icon


    Zero Fare Private Purchase Cost breakdown (PDF 90Kb)


    All operators


    Academic Year

    Available from:

    South Yorkshire PTE (SYPTE)

    Full ticket information

    A Zero Fare Pass is valid for travel Mondays to Fridays until 1900 on the days when your school is open (term time only).

    If the school is outside South Yorkshire, the pass will only be valid as far as the county boundary.

    Please note that the 'private purchase' version of the pass is not free, the cost of the pass is calculated based on 180 school days using the concessionary fare and number of boardings. 

    A table showing the cost of the pass for the Academic Year is available: Zero Fare Private Purchase Cost breakdown (PDF 90Kb)

    Purchasing the Pass

    If you are interested in purchasing this pass, please contact us to discuss costs or check the cost breakdown above. Then download a copy of the application form (PDF 411kb) and return it together with one of the following:


    1. Direct Debit Mandate (PDF 128kb) - if you would like to spread the cost with monthly payments (taken on the last day of the month)

    2. A cheque for the full amount - made payable to SYPTE

    3. A covering note detailing a contact number and a time when to call to take payment by card, to


    Zero Fares
    11 Broad Street West
    S1 2BQ


    Please note the child prepaid tickets may work out cheaper if you travel regularly.

    For more information about the pass please email or call Concessions and Ticketing on 0114 221 1419.

    For more information about the Zero Fare pass or how to replace a lost pass please visit our Zero Fare Pass page



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