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  • Journey planner help

    Need help using our Journey Planner? Follow the instructions below. Or you can use the help tool on the journey planner at each stage of your journey planning??

    How to use our Journey Planner

    • Log onto Journey Planner by using one of website links on the homepage or around the website.
    • Type in where you are going from and where you are going to. You can also right click on the map to choose your origin point or destination.
    • Type in the date and time you want to travel.
    • Choose which type of transport you want to use - bus, tram, train or coach.
    • Click on 'Plan your journey' from the homepage or if you are using advanced search it will display your journey options automatically.
    • You will be given a list of journeys to choose from.  You can look at each option to decide the way you want to travel.
    • Then click the orange arrow to view the journey.
    • You can save this journey as a favourite and give it a name.

    Other interesting features include:

    • The new journey planner uses Google maps which means you can use Street View for the walking instructions part of your journey.
    • You can reverse your trip with one click.
    • You can share your journey details - by email, Facebook or Twitter.
    • There are additional journey settings such as type of route (fast, direct, minimum changes), walking speed and a list of operators.

    All of this information is printer friendly so you can print and carry your own journey plan.

    New Journey Planner - Try it now!

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