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    Doncaster Bus Partnership – making travel in Doncaster easier

    The Doncaster Bus Partnership launched on 15 May 2016 with new routes, new connections and a great value range of new tickets. We are improving your buses to bring a simpler and more coordinated service.

    Great value tickets Network information Bus Punctuality

    Great value tickets

    Single operator tickets remain available (e.g First, Stagecoach, TM Travel, Arriva, Powells) for more information visit our Ticket Finder

    If you travel on more than one bus operator, you might want to consider the DonConnect ticket which can be used on any bus in Doncaster regardless of which bus company runs the service. This means more buses to choose from and more affordable travel for you.

    Find out more on our DonConnect page or by visiting the TravelMaster website.

    Network information

    You can view further details of the changes using one of the links below:

    Bus Punctuality

    Doncaster Bus Partnership Punctuality October 2017

    Punctuality is a measure of whether buses are running on time. 

    In line with national guidelines, a bus is considered on time where the bus departs from a Timing Points within the bracket of up to 1 minute early and up to 5 minutes late. This graph represents the percentage of Bus Partnerships services which departed on time by month.

    Performance figures: Percentage of services on time

    Doncaster 2015/16 2016/17 2017/18
    Apr 84% 87% 88%
    May 82% 85% 88%   
    Jun 80% 87% 87%   
    Jul 76% 88% 89%   
    Aug 76% 88% 90%   
    Sep 80% 87% 88%   
    Oct 82% 87% 86%   
    Nov 79% 83%  
    Dec 75% 82%  
    Jan 84% 85%  
    Feb 86% 87%  
    Mar 87% 87%  

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