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    We are Buses for Sheffield

    We’re a voluntary partnership between the city’s bus service providers. We share a passion to improve bus travel across the city. Our aim is to provide an efficient, accessible and reliable service to make travel easier and more convenient for everyone in Sheffield.

    Our promises to youNetwork informationSheffield High Frequency Bus Map

    Our promises to you 

    One city. One service

    Buses for Sheffield have co-ordinated Sheffield’s bus services to provide a unified service that works for everyone. By working together, we can offer more frequent bus services (up to every 10 minutes in some cases) on key routes in the city, and provide more efficient services to make life a little easier for our customers. 

    The CityBus ticket options means you can catch any bus in the city – offering you better value for money and making it even easier to get around Sheffield. CityWide tickets can also be used on any bus and any Stagecoach Supertram service. 


    Enjoy unlimited travel on any bus anywhere in Sheffield for 1 day, 7 days or 28 days no matter which company runs it:


    Terms and conditions for the CityBus ticket is available on the TravelMaster website.


    Enjoy unlimited travel on any bus and all trams anywhere in Sheffield for 1 day, 7 days or 28 days no matter which company runs it:


    Terms and conditions for the CityWide ticket is available on the TravelMaster website.

    Sheffield through and through 

    We travel Sheffield’s streets every day, so it’s no surprise the city is at the heart of everything we do. 

    Always for the customer

    We try to provide bus services that customers can put their trust in. We will listen to your views and use them to improve our service. We work together to provide our customers with the timely information they need to travel with us. We always try to make our customers’ days a little easier wherever and however we can.

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    Network information

    Who’s in Buses for Sheffield?

    • First
    • Sheffield City Council
    • Sheffield Community Transport
    • South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive
    • Stagecoach
    • TM Travel

    Sheffield High Frequency Bus Map

    Buses for Sheffield high frequency bus map


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    *ticket machines located in all interchanges excluding Adwick, Dinnington and Mexborough.


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