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Personalised TravelMaster smartcard

If you are stepping out into the world of work, or if you're a student who uses a combination of buses, trams or trains to get to college or university, you might want to consider a TravelMaster ticket. With a personalised TravelMaster card you can take advantage of some great discounts.

Register for a personalised TravelMaster card with a MyTSY account.

Valid onbustramtrain
Price £ Register/Pay Later
DurationWeeklyMonthly / 28 day
Available from

Apply online: You can apply using your MyTSY account.

If you don't have an account then you'll need to register for an account first then just sign in and select the 'Passes' from the top menu and then select 'Smartcards'.  You'll see the option then to click on 'TravelMaster Smartcard (personalised).

You can also apply using a paper application form (attached below) but please note that paper applications will be processed within 21 days and online applications in 7 working days.

Full ticket information

Once you receive your personalised TravelMaster card you can use it to purchase and load your TravelMaster tickets. Your first ticket should be bought from the ticket machines in Interchanges

Subsequent purchases can be made from the same ticket machines or from shops throughout South Yorkshire, wherever you see the Payzone sign, where you can pay by cash or debit/credit card.*
*Some stores do not accept card payments    

Age related discounted tickets available

Here are some of the age related discounted tickets you can buy with a personalised TravelMaster smartcard:

Aged 16, 17 or 18 years old?

 Get a TM18 for unlimited travel in South Yorkshire on buses, trams and trains.

Get a SYConnect18 for unlimited travel in South Yorkshire on any bus or tram.

Aged 19 or 20 years old?

Get a TM20 for unlimited travel in South Yorkshire on buses, trams and trains.

Aged between 21 and 25 years old?

Get a TM25 for unlimited travel in South Yorkshire on buses, trams and trains.

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Frequently asked Questions for Smartcard Ticket Machines 

We have put together some frequently asked questions to help when using the smartcard ticket machines located in our interchanges:

Q: The ticket machine keeps saying card read failed?
A: Please make sure you put your smartcard on the reader for encoding in the exact place as shown on the screen. If the problem persists please visit the Customer service desk in the interchange to check that the card is not damaged or corrupt in anyway.

Q: What happens if the ticket machine doesn't dispense a smartcard?
A: If the ticket machine is unable to dispense a smartcard, or you don't place your smartcard on the reader to be encoded, then the ticket machine will try to cancel the transaction. If this happens please use an alternative machine/payzone outlet. If problems persist please visit the Customer service desk in the interchange for assistance.

Q: I have used the smartcard ticket machine and the machine has tried to dispense a smartcard but it has got stuck?
A: Please visit the Customer service desk in the interchange for assistance.

Q: Can I add other products, other than Travelmaster products, to my smartcard?
A: We advise you not to add other products (other than Travelmaster) to your Travelmaster smartcard as it then becomes difficult to rectify any issues with the operator not reading your card or if you have to apply for a refund.

Q: Can I add more than one ticket product to my smartcard?
A: Yes you can but you need to make sure that the ticket products dates do not overlap. Each scenario is different but it may also be cheaper to refund (28 days or above) your existing smartcard and buy a Gold Travelmaster.

Q: I have a Sheffield Weekly Travelmaster, and I want to go to Rotherham can I buy a Rotherham Travelmaster to run at the same time as my Sheffield one?
A: Yes you can

Q: I have used my credit card in the machine but it keeps failing to take payment?
A: Please make sure you fully insert your credit card into the machine. If it still fails please contact your bank to check whether there is a fault on your credit/debit card.

Q: My paper counterpart has no smartcard number on it?
A: If this happens please visit the Customer service desk in the interchange, they will be able to look up your transaction and re-print your counterpart.

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Personalised TravelMaster Card


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