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  • Walking Groups in South Yorkshire

    Walking is good for us on so many levels – physically, mentally and socially – and the great news is that there are lots of groups and walking incentives to choose from around the South Yorkshire region. Whether you are a beginner, novice or experienced rambler we think there’s an option for everyone to get out and about. Read on to find out more about walking offers in your local area.

    Step Out Sheffield

    Sue Lee

    Established in 1999 as a pilot scheme, Step Out Sheffield now offers 25 walks across the City. 

    Walkers of all abilities are encouraged to join and are advised to go at their own speed. 

    All walks are no more than three miles long and are approximately 45-55 minutes in duration with some as short as 15 minutes. 

    More details can be found on the Step Out Sheffield website:  

    Meet Sue, she chairs Step Out Sheffield.


    Doncaster Health Walks

    With 14 walks to choose from, Doncaster Health Walks run Monday through to Thursday each week. They are aimed at people who are keen to have more activity in their daily lives and want to be part of a group to explore new places around the town. 

    Qualified leaders take the walks and they are carefully planned to suit those of all ability levels. For info and timings visit: 

    Walk Rotherham

    With walks every Monday and Tuesday, Walk Rotherham offers the opportunity to explore local parks and nature reserves in the area with a warm and welcoming group. Monday’s walk departs from Wath Leisure Centre and Tuesday is the Kimberworth & Chislett Community Centre Walk. 

    For more information contact 

    Walk Well Barnsley

    With a choice of 16 walks ranging in duration from 30 minutes to 90 minutes, Walk Well Barnsley has options for all levels of ability with their led walks. Everyone is welcome and those with long-term health conditions are really encouraged to go along and take part. 

    More info on the routes is available on the Walking for Health website:  

    Walking outside of the South Yorkshire region

    If you find yourself outside of your local area, to visit friends or family maybe, and want to still take part and keep up your regular health walks then there is a national walk search available on the Walking For Health website:

    Join our Wednesday walk 

    Join us for our weekly health walk from Broad Street West, Sheffield at 12.20pm for a 12.30pm start. Sometimes the walk will head away from town, sometimes into town. Occasionally the walk will be themed to reflect local events or special dates. Walks last 40-45 minutes. 


    Other walks near you

    Walking in Barnsley

    Barnsley Council website >   

    Walking in Doncaster

    Doncaster Council website >  

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