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Changes to TravelMaster products from 2 April 2017


On 2 April 2017 TravelMaster will be making changes to several ticket products in South Yorkshire. Many of the tickets below will see their first increase since prices were frozen in November 2015.  TravelMaster will also be withdrawing the CityWide annual ticket.

Alongside the ticket price changes below TravelMaster will also be introducing a charge for smart cards of 50p per new card issued, along with the withdrawal of paper TravelMaster tickets. This is due to a high number of new smartcards being issued for single ticket use. There will be no charge for personalised TravelMaster cards ordered online through

Reuse your TravelMaster Smartcard 

You can reuse your existing TravelMaster smartcard by adding new 1 or 7 day tickets onto it on board bus and tram. If you need a new 28 day ticket these can be loaded onto your card from Ticket machines in most of our Interchanges.  More information is available on the TravelMaster website or on our 1, 7 and 28 day ticket page.

The price changes are:

Ticket productNew price from 2 April 2017
CityBus Day £4.30
CityBus 7 Day £15.00
CityBus 28 Day £56.00
CityWide Day £4.60
CityWide 7 Day £16.00
CityWide 28 Day £60.00
SYConnect Day £6.30 (no change)
SYConnect 7 Day £22.00
SYConnect 28 Day £84.00
RConnect Day £4.50 (no change)
RConnect 7 Day £16.00
RConnect 28 Day £60.00
DonConnect Day £4.50 (no change)
DonConnect 7 Day £16.00
DonConnect 28 Day £60.00

Further information and contacts for enquiries are available on the TravelMaster website.

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