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    Your first journey


    Is it your first day at a new school?
    Or are you catching the bus to school for the first time? 

    Don't worry - we can give you some helpful tips to make your first journey easier.

    • Find your school on our journey planner - just type in the name of your school in either the 'from' or to 'boxes'. 
    • Make sure you have the right money for your fare and your travel pass with you, keep your return fare somewhere safe.
    • As the bus approaches make sure it is your bus by checking the service number on the front of the bus; raise your arm as a signal to the driver.
    • Board the bus calmly and do not push in front of people, the bus won’t leave until everyone is safely aboard.
    • Sit down for the whole journey, if there are no seats, hold on to the hand rails.
    • When you need to leave the bus, ring the bell once. If it has already been rung, you do not need to ring it again.

    Remember - lots of people get the bus, so you don't need to be nervous. 

    Check if any of your classmates are getting the same bus. You could travel together.

    If you need a little extra help you can call Traveline on 01709 51 51 51.

    First journey onboard




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