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  • Meet Carl, he loves printing.

    Meet Carl Carl produces printed information, such as timetables, posters and leaflets so you have travel information at your fingertips when you’re travelling around South Yorkshire.

    “My role as a Print Technician gives me plenty to do from day to day. I digitally print timetables, posters, leaflets and signage for interchanges so customers can access up to date travel information and easily plan journeys on the move."

    “As part of a recent project I printed 81 metres of hoarding for Rotherham Interchange during the refurbishment, that was certainly a challenge!”

    “I work to tight deadlines, to make sure customers have the information they need. Helping customers get where they need to be gives me a sense of achievement and pride in my job, and that’s why I’ve worked for SYPTE for over 20 years!”

    “To help me understand what printed information customers need across our interchanges and bus and tram stops, I use public transport everywhere I go which puts me in the customer’s shoes.”

    “I think Asda provides great service to customers, their staff in store are always friendly and helpful and nothing is too much trouble for them.” 


    Meet Emily, she's inspiring.

    Meet EmilyEmily supports her colleagues at Traveline so that they can provide you with the level of customer service you deserve.

    “I have worked for SYPTE for eight years. I started working weekends in the Travel Information Centres at 17 years old, I then moved to Traveline as an advisor and I am now a Contact Centre Supervisor in Traveline. I love my job and the people I work with."

    “In my day to day role I provide help, support, coaching and training to the Traveline team so that they know their stuff and are confident when helping anyone who calls with all their travel queries."

    “When holding coaching sessions for my team, I make sure that each one is steered towards developing each individual in the areas of their role they need the most, to ensure all members of the team feel comfortable and are able to provide the best customer service possible."

    “In the office I support the travel advisors and answer any questions our customers may ask them. Even if I don’t know the answer off the top of my head, I will always find a way of getting the information needed so we can help make our customers’ days a little bit easier. I also help to keep the disruptions page on the Travel South Yorkshire website up to date. I do my best to make sure all the latest information is there so if anyone is planning a journey they can easily find what they need."

    “I believe that great customer service is about doing everything you can to help someone. People should always be happy and satisfied with the service they have received. By making sure all my team are going the extra mile in providing the best possible customer service, I can be confident that customers have a positive experience when contacting Traveline.”


    Meet Kerry, she likes to listen.

    Meet Kerry

    Kerry is just a phone call away to help you get out and about in South Yorkshire.

    “Helping people is what we in Traveline do best. In my day to day role, I try to provide excellent customer service to the people of South Yorkshire, giving them comprehensive travel information and helping with their travel pass applications."

    “Great customer service means making somebody’s day a little bit easier by providing them with the information they require. Knowing that the information I give a customer enables them to get to an interview or another appointment on time is really rewarding."

    “I have worked for SYPTE, the organisation behind Travel South Yorkshire, for about 13 years now and I still love my job as much as I did when I first started. I love helping people and working in the Traveline team gives me a fantastic opportunity to do this."

    “From a customer perspective, I’ve always had a very positive customer service experience when dealing with other companies. When I’m sorting out my broadband, for instance, I come off the phone knowing that another team has gone above and beyond to help me with my query, and I hope that the travelling public of South Yorkshire feel the same when speaking to me or a member of my team”.


    Meet Lucia, she loves data.

    Meet LuciaLucia collects and analyses market research to help us understand what you need from us.

    “I have worked for SYPTE, the organisation behind Travel South Yorkshire, for 11 years now. For just under 10 years, I was a Service Auditor, monitoring the usage of our services and providing customer service. This involved getting on board services to see where customers got on and off, finding out what ticket type they had or sometimes I’d even be checking on the general state of vehicles or conducting surveys to find out why services were delayed. Just over a year ago, I joined the Data Services department, analysing survey data and understanding customer behaviour on our websites."
    “I’ve spent all my time here getting to know the people who use public transport, day in day out, across South Yorkshire and what they want from us. I learned about the challenges people faced in their daily commutes but also what they loved about travelling on bus, tram and train. My main aim, when joining the Data team at head office, was to incorporate some of this knowledge into everything that I do and, in a way, bring the customer with me."

    “In the Data Services team, everything that we do centres on our customers. I help to create and prepare our surveys to find out about what they need from us. Once the surveys are complete, I analyse the data and present the results, explaining what our customers are telling us about so we can improve what we do. Here at SYPTE, we always try to ask the right questions in our surveys, to find out as much as we possibly can about what customers experience when using public transport. This helps recommend the best ways to improve our services, information or ticket buying options.”

    Despite switching from a frontline role, Lucia is still keen to help our customers whenever possible, ensuring they get the best possible customer service from SYPTE.

    “Our customers still actively recognise me when I am travelling around South Yorkshire and I am always happy to chat to them about their feelings about recent public transport changes and to bring their valued insights into our projects. 
    “Great customer service for me is really listening to what our customers are telling us and responding. You have to be perceptive to their struggles, show understanding, empathy and a lot of heart. It’s about taking your time to get to know real customers and trying our best to find solutions for them – that’s what I try and do in my job every day”. 


    Meet Mick, he prefers two wheels.

    Meet MickMick’s our Active Travel Champion, come rain or shine he’s on his bike. He also delivers IT projects to make sure our website is always there and easy to use.

    “In my role I manage a team of IT experts who are responsible for improving our website, databases and Customer Relationship Management systems. We work hard together to come up with solutions to customer and business needs – an example of this could be developing a new online application process for a travel pass, or working on small changes to our website which will make it easier for customers to search for a timetable or plan a journey.” 

    “Having an efficient website and Customer Relationship Management system is very important for our customers. It means they can access the information or service they need easily and quickly, whether that’s applying for a travel pass or checking which service can get them to work.”

    “To me, great customer service is all about listening to and understanding your customers and striving to deliver what they need.”

    “A company which we can aspire to in terms of customer service is John Lewis and Partners. Staff are at the centre of the company’s ethos and thereby strive to deliver an excellent customer service. Nothing is too much effort for them, when dealing with a potential customer.”


    Meet Traveline, they're here to help.

    Meet Traveline

    Traveline work as a team to provide excellent customer service to over 17,000 customers who call us each month.

    “Here in Traveline we are passionate about providing the best possible service to our customers. We give out detailed journey information to help customers travel around South Yorkshire easily on the bus, tram and train. We also process travel pass applications, give advice on the best tickets, manage customer complaints and keep customers up to date with the latest travel information through the @TSYalerts Twitter feed.”

    “In Traveline we speak to hundreds of people every day. Customers might forget what we said but they will always remember how we made them feel. We give our all to our customers so they have the most positive experience when they call Traveline.”

    “To us, great customer service is helping our customers in a friendly and efficient manner. It’s about giving people the best experience possible by handling their issues and ensuring that they are satisfied with the outcome. The ability to really listen is crucial for providing the best service, this is what we aim to do in Traveline.”


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